Visual Identity Rules

1. Composition
The RAR GROUP logotype consists of the RAR symbol, the name "GRUPO RAR" and a surrounding graphic element.

The construction follows a strictly defined system, with regard to the dmensions and relative positions, and none of its elements may be changed.

The surrounding square graphic element - in the forme of a square - uses the same graphic style as the symbol and name ("outline effect").

2. Reserved space
This defines the space that must surround teh logo - which is equal to 1/4 of the height of the logo - in which no other sign or visual information may be inserted.

3. Reproduction sizes
The minimum recommended dimension for reproduction is 10 mm.

4. Colours
As a general rule, the RAR GROUP logo should be reproduced in black.

However it may also be reproduced in negative (when on a coloured background that necessitates this), in grey (or a percentage of black) or in relief.

5. Incorrect reproductions
The reproduction of RAR GROUP logo is prohibited unless it conforms to the rules defined herein.
Examples of incorrect reproductions:
  • alterations to the construction of the symbol;
  • alteractions to the format of the logo elements;
  • alterations to the lettering of the name;
  • alterations to the construction of the square;
  • alterations of the proportions between the symbol and the name;
  • use of elements in isolation.
6. Location
The preferred location for the reproducing of the RAR GROUP logo is horizontally in the centre of the space.

7. Download Logo
RAR GROUP logo is protected by law.